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UnisparesUnispares is committed to achieve excellence in all spheres and peruses continuous quality system. Besides we have a well audited quality system for ensuring best international standards on continuing basis. We constantly upgrade quality management system as per the latest specifications. In addition to our ISO 9001:2008 certification, we understand the need the of current environment and are following the formats like PPAP,AP&P, SPC, MSA, FMEA, and trying to obtain our TS certification

Stringent quality measures are followed at every stage right from raw material procurement to consignment dispatch. We have in-house quality testing section with sophisticated equipments. Testing is carried out by experienced professionals on prescribed parameters before delivery.

Arranging training for our staff in order to enhance the skill of our team and keep them updated with modern management and production techniques is our constant process. Our scheduled training programs helps to increase efficiency of our team and their skills for conscious quality innovation KAI-ZEN. We also focus on maintaining and improving 5s consciousness in our unit.

Inprocess inspection is carried out as per the sampling plan, understand the criticality of parameters and specification – at the time of manufacturing each parts are very closely inspected during each operation in terms of first part approval (FPA) process evaluation (SPC & SQC). Failure mode & effect analysis if nay, non conformity is observed in any stage corrective & preventive actions are immediately implemented and recorded.

We are always in a look out for the latest technology available and make sure the instruments are updated as per requirements. The products are being strictly confirm the desired specification and tolerances. Of late we have installed Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) which enables us to perform 3D inspection with higher flexibility accuracy and repeatability upto 1 Micron.

The instrument being fully computerized the repeatability & reproducibility (R&R) is error less hence minimizes man variation and instrument variation.

Surface Roughness Testing:
Most of the parts supplied by us are in the field of hydraulics and are high precision parts which are normally used in Hydraulic Cylenders Assemblies and sub assemblies. Mostly the parts are used in high pressure conditions and interference fits, hence we make sure the surface of the parts should be controlled and manufactured as per specification.

The desired surfaces are very specific and strict observance are adhered. We are well equipped with SRT instruments like Mitutoyo, Japan.

Micro Hardness Testing:
Heat treatment being one of our key operations makes our parts more reliable, durable and with high strengths. We offer heat treatment services like:
2.Case Hardening
3.Through / full hardening
4.Indication hardening, etc.

Feature Equipment Used to Measure Control Procedure
Raw material composition and physical properties Metallographic testing for cracks, metallurgical microscope spectro chemical testing machine, hardness tester Sampling inspection
Concentricity or runout less than 0.03mm Dial gauges with center to center clamping table Sampling inspection
Roundness less than 0.006mm Micrometer with least count of 1 micron, dial gauge Sampling inspection
Roundness less than 0.006mm Micrometer with least count of 1 micron, dial gauge Sampling inspection
Surface Finish less than 0.9Ra Surface finish inspection chart, surface finish tester Sampling inspection
Diameters tolerance less than 0.06mm Micro meter wid suitable least count, snap gauges well calibrated 100 % Inspection
All squareness tolerances Height gauge with dial gauge Sampling inspection
All straightness tolerances Height gauge with dial gauge, Bench Centre Sampling inspection
Inside diameters with tolerance less then 50 microns Bore gauges and well calibrated plug gauges Sampling inspection during in process,100 inspection during packing
Inside and out side grooves Jaw/groove calipers Sampling inspection
Inside & Outside Grooves & radius Profile Projector, Jaw & Groove Caliper Sampling Inspection
Parts with many parameters and References CMM Sampling Inspection
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Unispares Unispares
Unispares Unispares

Heat Treatment
Feature Equipment Used to Measure Control Procedure
Depth Total & effective & cracks Micro hardness testing machine, metallurgical microscope, metallographic testing for cracks Sampling inspection

Feature Equipment Used to Measure Control Procedure
Total depth, effectiveness Plating depth tester pen type, salt spray test Sampling inspection , 100% visual test (colour, shining)

Following is the details of manufacturing and quality testing procedures followed in our production:

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